Creative Curriculum

Couple of months back, my friend and I had an interesting discussion about why creative curriculum is important in the current education scenario.My friend is a teacher in a school in the U.A.E. and her school is planning to introduce the concept of ‘creative curriculum’ in their syllabus and the management wants their teachers to give a feedback on how this concept will be effective or better than the already existing system of teaching. My friend happened to discuss her viewpoints with me and we both agreed to the fact it’s a progressive method of teaching and the curriculum is well organized, it has the flexibility in understanding the requirements of individual students.

I have been researching and developing products for school students over the past six years and I feel that we need to change the fanatic obsession for better grades than acquiring knowledge. Education system is generally being stagnant and still prefers the traditional classroom method of learning even where there is huge possibility to change with the current advent and influence of technology.

Creative Curriculum is an interactive and efficient teaching method developed to create a new learning experience and making it real for children. It collapses the traditional classroom learning system and develops an interest among the students and works on a committed relationship between the tutor and students.


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Creative curriculum has the flexibility in understanding the requirements of individual students. A teacher is able to dedicate herself and respond to changing interests of her students using  assessment tools. Introduction of hands-on activities can improve the fine-motor skills. Group interactions develop curiosity and improve the students’ cognitive skills. The mold of passive learning is broken; today’s students enjoy the use of technology. Digital notes and textbooks can be updated all the time. Integrating technology into the curriculum will make students curious and active.

When Creative curriculum ensures a progressive method of teaching, we must be fully equipped and gives headway in higher standard so that our children make progress. A single teacher has the role of ongoing cycle of guiding her students through all the subjects. The teacher must develop an effective method in utilizing her knowledge in the entire study program. Teachers as a group must understand the basic needs and structure activities according to the need of the students. Here, teachers and students grow hand-in-hand. It affects when teachers can’t create a cordial and interactive community to their students. It is important to support each other in creating a better generation of students to reach bigger heights by identifying their skills and talents.



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