The Eat Street


At times, there is this late night hunger that develops which you can’t ignore. And we decided to find a new place for a light eating. We had earlier seen the sign of this eatery; we never did give it a go because it’s mostly full or crowded (especially during the weekends). So this new place is called the EAT STREET.

Eat street is an offbeat food court with various types of food like the chaats, parathas, Chinese, pancakes, cakes, yogurt and so many more. Eat Street is designed like a street where you can eat all your favourite street food. At the entrance, we will be given a postpaid card, which you can use to buy all your food and then pay later all at once. Once we entered the place, we were welcomed by a live – singing session happening in their own version of mini-amphi. We walked through the entire place – it was nice, not so loud crowd or not so loud music (may be it wasn’t the weekend yet). The entire place has a ground floor and first floor, so you can choose your own place to be comfortable. Since there are lots of outlets with different types of food, we have to put our desired order (at different stalls – your choice!) and come back to your place and wait for your food. And yeah! It’s self service.


We had a portion of Pav Bhajji and Paneer Parathas (we didn’t have to wait for long), which were actually good – not too spicy, not too salty. While having our late night dinner, we enjoyed the ambience they had and observed the crowd. There were families and friends who enjoyed the treats they were having. All the people looked very comfortable, and we got to know that the performers were regulars. We also had this delicious litchi yogurt (yum…my personal favourite!), as our choice of dessert.


While having food, we were immersed into the ambience which resembled some other place like Manali or Goa where live performance would happen, the cold breeze taking all the essence of food served there, and with a crowd who shared their smiles and clapped to the performance.

Amidst all the chaos and pollution in the city, and that too near to one of the busiest traffic signals in the city, we enjoyed our evening with full of joy, calmness and goodness of Indian soul food.


We didn’t try all the food courts, but I’m sure that there are plenty of options for the food lovers out there which are wallet friendly. For us, Eat Street turned out to be a lively place and I’m sure we’ll be there soon for more.

Name: Eat Street
Location: 6th Block, Koramangala, Bengaluru (next to Sony Signal Junction).




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