Me writing a Blog


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I have sat down a zillion times to write a blog, but it never happened. I hesitate or there is too much of procrastination happening from my side (that’s the fact and also being lazy). I am not brilliant with words and I don’t do reviews of books, movies; or even shares paragraphs of opinions to the most debated topics or get in heated written arguments in the social media (which is in trend) – I just like or share or repost at times.

I created this blog two years back. And since then its showing “NOTHING FOUND Ready to publish your first post? Get started here.” Oh yes! I would love to.

Now I am wondering, on the eve of my 29th birthday (*gasps* I’m almost 30!!! Good Lord! *rolling eyes*), I should start (to be precise ‘activate’) my blog and expand my writing skills and share my thoughts which can be mediocre, slip-ups or may be even fictional. I’m not sure of the contents that I may write. I’m not even sure if my blogs will be regular (I need to keep a check on that). I’m not certain whether my blogs will be entertaining, educating or just piece of abstractions or delusions. I guess I should let my blogs evolve over time and not be worried about the mistakes. After all, life is all about taking risks and understanding your mistakes and correcting it (being philosophical!).


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